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German Shepherd

Eric C.

I've known Sylvain while managing a Dog Rescue Center in Costa Rica. He has been able to change dogs' behaviors and get so many dogs adopted... He integrated a holistic training approach to the center and never felt defeated by any challenge.
He is passionate and a true animal lover. I recommend at 100%.

Laudine D.

I highly recommend Sylvain. He has a great knowledge of dogs and is very dedicated. Sylvain is reliable and provides great professional services. Will definitely gets him to train our second puppy!

Obedience Training
Husky Handshake

Melissa L.

I had come across dog's lovers including myself but never found someone as passionate as Sylvain ! He is very dedicated and consistent when it comes to dog training. He taught me so much on dogs behaviour and how to act with a little puppy. I will strongly recommend Okie Doggies for the well-being of our dear 4 paws !

Jennifer & Bob H.

Sylvain is at one with dogs and they are equally comfortable with him . We had two “camp pups “ kelpie, greyhound dingo cross , (rescues ) and they were so troublesome ! Every morning we’d wake to the garden being torn apart and their recall wasn’t good. Sylvain saw them on a regular basis for several weeks . The changes to their behaviour were unbelievable and made our life so much easier. Slyvain has also been available for back up support on all the questions that arise, from toilet training , eating habits , barking , recall and general behaviour . He’s an absolute pleasure to work with and we can’t recommend him highly enough. Make the changes early before your pups or dogs learn the wrong ways ! No regrets ! Theses dogs are now the most adorable animals !

L and L.jpg

Arminta R.

Sylvain is amazing with dogs! My two boxers absolutely loved him. Definitely recommend him as a dog trainer.

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